The conference is co-organized by the Central Training Centre of Prison Service in Kalisz and Euro-Media professional literature publisher. This cross-national event is addressed to representatives of uniformed services in the field of ICT and security. The aim of the conference is to exchange experiences and present the newest solutions as regards the importance of prison security and prevention of its possible threats with reference to legal requirements. The conference participants will take part in a range of interesting sessions and workshops with a view to gain some new thought-provoking solutions and ideas. Moreover, they will have a chance to benefit from valuable networking opportunities. The sessions will be followed by technological shows and exhibitions provided by some prominent ICT companies.
The conference venue is the Central Training Centre of Prison Service in Kalisz.

The Act on the Prison Service modernisation has been signed, which will directly translate into the conference theme, e.g. radio communication system replacement, mobile phone detectors, etc.

The subjects of interest to the Prison Service:

  • Contemporary radio communication systems for security guards,
  • Mobile phone detectors and detectors of other wireless communication systems,
  • Alarm system integration,
  • Smart image analysis,
  • Protection of classified information,
  • Personal data protection policy,
  • Document verification systems,
  • Perimeter security systems,
  • Equipment for controlling: people, vehicles, objects,
  • Psychoactive drug detectors,
  • Technical protection and security devices, and rescue and fire-fighting equipment,
  • Weaponry, equipment and special-purpose accessories,
  • Car fleet,
  • Electrical power security,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • VoIP and video conferences,
  • Energy renovation and improvement of technical condition of
    penitentiary building infrastructure